Skip Hire and Waste Removal in Bromley | Your Best Choice

General Waste Ltd offers the choice between waste removal and skip hire to valued clients in the nearby Bromley area. Our wait-and-load and wait-and-go rubbish clearances support our skip hire services perfectly. These two convenient forms of collection involve our own professional team, located in Beckenham, loading waste onto an adapted van. You won’t have to physically load material into a container with this particular type of waste clearance.


Skip hire is an excellent option for larger domestic properties and worksites. When space is limited, however, or when it is impossible to position a skip at the roadside, the vans used to provide our rubbish removal services get into much tighter spaces than skip delivery trucks.


On this page, we explain some of the key differences between waste removal and skip hire services so that you can make the best possible decision for your project in Bromley.


Optimising Space


When you use a rubbish clearance service, you pay for the space you use but not the space you don’t. If you don’t know how much room you require, it’s difficult to judge which skip hire service you’ll need for a waste clearances at your Bromley sites. Some service providers encourage you to hire bigger skips to guarantee enough disposal space but you could end up spending more than you need to on a rubbish removal if you don’t use the full capacity.


General Waste Ltd understands that some clients prefer a skip hire service because they prefer to load waste at their own pace. To help them, we offer accurate calculations on load sizes. This guarantees fairness, and stop clients from paying more for a waste removal.


Our company offers skip hire services in Bromley using units in 6-yard, 8-yard, 10-yard and 12-yard capacities. These sizes cater for bigger domestic loads and small to large-scale commercial rubbish clearances – usually sufficient for most of our customers and clients. For others, a minimum 6-yard capacity is still too much. Hiring an adapted van for a wait-and-load or wait-and-go waste clearance in small volumes is a more efficient use of space.


We offer skip hire and rubbish removal services at fixed prices to suit your budget. Please check our load sizes on manual collections to gauge clearance requirements accurately.


Material Location


If you have limited space at your Bromley site and don’t have the option to position a skip at the roadside, a waste clearance offers a fast and convenient solution. If you do want to use our skip hire services, we’ll apply for a permit that allows roadside positioning from your local authority. Permits run for a sufficient length of time to allow for an easy rubbish clearance, and we secure approval quickly because we deal with local authorities regularly.


For a wait-and-go waste removal, all you have to do is leave your waste in one area and then call us when you’re ready for us to pick it up. We’ll load our van and take your material away. With a wait-and-load rubbish removal, we gather waste that you haven’t piled into one area on your behalf. This reduces your own levels of manual work even further.


We take materials from skip hire and waste clearance projects to local waste transfer stations in and around the Bromley area for ethical screening, processing and recycling.


The Problem with Fly Tippers


A skip positioned within the confines of your residential property or site won’t attract the attention of fly tippers as much as a skip left on the roadside so, if you live in an area where unscrupulous individuals regularly dump their waste into containers hired by other people, talk to our friendly, reliable and professional team about a manual waste removal instead.


A rubbish clearance using one of our vans is a direct alternative to skip hire in Bromley and worth consideration if you don’t want to pay for container space you can’t use yourself. At General Waste Ltd, we already know that skip hire, wait-and-load and wait-and-go services all have different benefits. Part of our job is to make sure you receive the correct option.


That’s why we recommend skip hire for waste clearances on larger projects, on jobs where we can position a unit on your property or in low-traffic areas that won’t make you a victim to fly tippers. For everything else, especially smaller rubbish removals, a manual loading service offers a convenient, flexible and reassuring alternative for our many Bromley clients.

Contact us today on 020 3039 3113. We provide rubbish removal and skip hire services in Bromley and all areas within a wide radius of Beckenham.