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Rubbish Removal in Croydon, Clapham, Chelsea, Streatham and the South East Explained

At General Waste Ltd, we offer waste clearance for domestic and commercial customers in Croydon and the South East. Our rubbish removal services are competitively priced and they’re cheaper, cleaner and far quicker than using a skip. As with all rubbish clearance in Clapham, Chelsea, Streatham and the surrounding areas, we work closely with each customer to provide waste removal that is fast, professional and friendly.


On this page, we’ve provided a guide to help you gauge the amount of rubbish you have and how it helps us when carrying out our waste clearance services. A full load is the equivalent to a 12 yard skip, a half load equals a 6 yard skip and a quarter load is the same as a 4 yard skip, so if you have 50-60 black bags to collect, we’ll class this as a 6 yard load and so on.


Waste Removal Yard Load Sizes


5 Yard Load

A 5 yard load is the equivalent of 40-50 black bags. This type of rubbish clearance load is usually perfect for basic household waste removal and ideal for a sizeable amount of domestic soil and rubble, from commercial sites in Croydon and the surrounding areas.


6 Yard Load

A 6 yard load is the equivalent of 50-60 black bags. This is usually suited to bulkier items such as rubble, stones and other construction waste clearance from sites in Chelsea, Clapham and Streatham. It’s also the right size for large domestic rubbish removal.


7 Yard Load

A 7 yard load is the equivalent of 60-70 black bags. This size is similar to the waste removal of a 6 yard load but will suit any bulky items such as white goods and furniture from homes and commercial buildings in Croydon, Chelsea and nearby areas.


8 Yard Load

A 8 yard load is the equivalent of 80-90 black bin bags. This is usually the correct size for heavy commercial waste or general home refurbishments, and a very popular rubbish removal choice for residents in Clapham, Streatham and the surrounding areas.


9 Yard Load

A 9 yard load is the equivalent of 90 -100 black bags. We maintain this is a great size for complete house waste removal and bulky rubbish clearance for customers in Chelsea, Clapham, Croydon, Streatham and the surrounding South East areas.


10 Yard Load

A 10 yard load is the equivalent of 100-110 black bags. As with all rubbish removal of this size, our specially adapted van can carry everything from furniture and white goods to heavy industrial waste. This size waste clearance load is popular with both domestic and commercial clients.


Do not hesitate to contact our expert team about load sizes, we will be happy to discuss your requirements and can find the ideal size to suit your needs.


Whatever load size you require, call us now on 020 3039 3113 to book a rubbish clearance service. We cover Croydon, Clapham, Chelsea, Streatham and a large part of the South East.




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